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Course Overview

1. Android Architecture, Components, Resourses, Activities And Services
2. Android Broadcast Receivers
3. Android Content Providers
4. Android Fragments
5. Android Intents/Filters
6. Android Ui Layouts And Controls
7. Android Styles And Themes
8. Location Based Services
9. Android Sending Email, Sms, Calls
10. Android Alert Dialoges
11. Android Animations
12. Android Audio Capture
13. Android Bluetooth
14. Android Camera

Course Duration & Fee

Project duration : 2 months
Course fee : Please call our office


Once you complete the course successfully, Dishaa Pro shall issue a certificate of completion as “Dishaa Pro certified professional”.

In order to maintain our quality and reputation, we issue certificate of completion on stringent parameters. It is important that you meet these parameters and standards of performance.

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