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How to Create Effective Social Media Images That Connect and Engage with the Audience

Visuals have always been an essential part of social media marketing and with the fastest growing social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and etc. most organizations are putting great emphasis on image and video content. And with more and more consumer expectations, visuals posted on established networks are now driving the highest engagement.  Now the question is, are you using visuals in your social media marketing strategy?

Including attractive and effective social media images for your company can help you attract consumers and creating perfect images can also help to engage your audience on a personal level. No matter, how pithy or effective your content is, an image or attractive visual can always make your company stand out among thousands. There are various ways to connect with your audience through social media images and here in this blog, I will discuss some interesting tips to create powerful social media images:

Create images with company screenshots:

Screenshots are a great means to share information and insights about your company, so that your audience feels they are right there with you. Screenshots are often evidence and a visual representation that adds meaning to the collected data. The data that is added to the image or post is often short and effective and speaks mostly for themselves. Using such screenshots often help to create unique and engaging images that will help to attract your fans.

Select colors carefully:

Color plays a great role on the behavior of most internet users and certain colors are considered to be more effective in the buying, sharing and reading process. For example, blue signals trust, yellow activates excitement, red encourages action and etc. Though the psychology of color isn’t an important thing that needs to be followed strictly, but yes, it is something that should be kept in mind while choosing the background for your social image.

Keep branding consistent:

The font, color and overall feel of the social media image should stay consistent with your branding for varied reasons. Maintaining a consistent look and feel of your brand will convey authority and can also inspire credibility. It helps to portray your company as a brand that is more established, authentic and stable. While creating social media images for your company, you can develop some guidelines for style and color that will help you to maintain the consistency all throughout.

Use Logos:

Something that is very important is to maintain the presence of a recognizable logo that helps the images to perform better when it comes to engagement of the audience. If you have the chance to include your company logo in your image, then place it so that it is visible and helps to boost your customer engagement.

Inspire with graphic quotes:

Graphic quotes often encourage your audience to reflect and engage the audience with your content. Since such images are the most shared images on social media as they relate to a wide audience base, creating appealing quote graphics that has a unique style that suits your brand is very effective. Such social media images can be used for any purpose to advocate, inspire, intrigue and entertain the audience. Always post the images with purpose and try to turn the quote into a stylish graphic so that it brings the words to life. Style your quote carefully, so that your audience is willing to become a part of the conversation and also share what the texts mean to them.

Connect the image to a story:

Just like keeping your visuals consistent throughout, you should also ensure that you include a relevant graphic. Consider the image as a story, so all the elements that are included in the image are in a line with the message that you are conveying. Connecting your image to a story will help your audience connect with the message.

Create different visuals for each social network:

Since each social network is different, one image will not drive high engagement for different networks. Research has stated that creating different images for different social media platforms, rather than sharing the same everywhere will make it more effective. And before creating your visuals, consider the best practices for the chosen platform to include color trends, patterns and image dimensions so that you can maximize the performance of your image.

To conclude, a picture is worth 1000 words when it is chosen perfectly. And the best ones can invoke powerful emotions in audiences and leave them ready to purchase.