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narayan-sirNarayan Mohapatra

Founder & Chairman of IDS Logic

A strategically minded Digital and Software specialist, he has 16+ years of experience in the field of technology and innovation.

It is under his guidance that IDS Logic a Software Development Outsourcing Company with a strong management team has built sustainable partnerships with agencies and clients in the UK and around the world. He is passionate about technology, results and value and his prime motivation is to provide clients looking for scalable, flexible and cost effective IT solutions with services that can add value to their business.

He has a special background in developing web solutions and software applications that are based on latest technologies, analysis and project management for various projects for global enterprises. Not only this, he has years of experience in project delivery management.

Coupled with the market knowledge and deep insight gained from being based in the UK for over 14+ years, this background has enabled him to assess the commercial opportunities for strategic outsourcing and mutually beneficial relationships that are long-term.

He specializes in latest software technologies, mobile application development, testing solutions and has substantial experience in international markets and in the management of IT. He also acts as an independent advisor offering a wide range of professional services that includes consulting, training, management and expert witness work.  He regularly provides education on various aspects of IT operations to candidates for general education purposes.