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Our intensive training program is a little different idea to what is available in the market today. It is therefore very important that you understand it better and get yourselves aligned with its objectives. We encourage you to ask questions, seek answers and do due diligence before you enroll for this program for your own very satisfaction.

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have more, please give us a call at 0674 2567100 or get in touch with us.



The candidates who completes there intensive training program with high level of performances are given a badge/ seal. You are provide a web url/ link which you can put in your resume. Employers can verify this seal from our servers and understand that you are a ready to deploy resource.

Due to stringent parameters of performance and high quality standards we follow in the training program, our recommendation holds high value in the industry and helps you find your dream job.

From time to time we hire bottom line resources for our parent company IDS Logic and some of our partner companies. Junior resources in our company are always hired from DishaaPro only. Therefore there exists opportunity to get selected in these companies if you are high performing during your training period.

Apart from this we give high level of recommendations which certifies that you are ready to deploy resource and can start working on projects straight away. This recommendation help you find a dream job for you.

For intensive training program, each team member is given an individual system. Your system is equipped with all software required for development. You work 7 hours a day as you would do in a software company.

Our costs are designed to cover our high level infrastructure, involvement of highly experienced software professionals from IT industry, providing you right guidance and giving you an environment similar to a software development company.

And on top of this our batch size is always limited to maximum of 20. Everyone is given a dedicated system and that to full time with internet connectivity.

If you compare all the values you will be getting, you will find that our price is real value for money.

No, we don’t.

Our courses are designed by highly experienced IT professionals who are working in software industry for over decades. To realize the full value of these courses you need to work and progress as per our methodology.

Intensive training program is a full time course where you have to give 7 hours a day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm every alternate day. If you are still in college, you need to be very sure that you can give this time.

Alternatively, if you want to learn fundamentals of .Net programming and be able to get practical exposure as well, our beginner course may be a good choice for you.

Doing a practical project in your final semester is both a need and opportunity. You can take advantage of our intensive training program to complete your final semester project at the same time get a practical exposure to software development. So by the time you leave your college you become ready for your software development career.