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Gain More Exposure in IT Sectors with Core PHP Training

Core PHP is the basic root of PHP frameworks and is the fundamental base of any website development. Every software developer should have the basic knowledge of Core PHP so that they can be successful developers in any of its frameworks.
Our team of certified professionals has the expertise in core PHP and can help gain more knowledge in the language and learn important techniques that are used to create dynamic websites

Career scope and industry demand of PHP:

Since every organization from various industry verticals look forward to hire core PHP developers to create various applications, there is a high demand for experts. Earning a certification in PHP will help you to:

• Find lucrative jobs in various IT sectors
• Refine the basic concepts of PHP and prepare for advanced courses
• Acquire skills on various tools and the latest techniques
• Gain confidence and secure the future
• Enhance organizational performance


Who can join the PHP training course?

Good opportunities in various IT companies are coming up and there is huge scope for students and professionals to start their career as a web developer, PHP programmer and etc. individuals who can take advantage of this course are:

1. Students who have completed, BCA, MCA and BE
2. Professionals having technical background
3. IT aspirants willing to develop database driven websites
4. Business professionals handling various web applications

Course Overview

Module 1- Introduction
(Introduction to PHP, Introduction to Web application, Intranet / internet, Server and client, Web page, HTML and DHTML, Script, What is PHP?, PHP history, Why PHP? )

Module 2: Apache | MySQL | PHP (AMP) (XAMPP, Client Server Configuration, Physical Path of web page, Local host, Dreamweaver)

Module 3: HTML (What is HTML?, Why html declares, HTML with PHP, HTML 5 Tags)

Module 4: Style Sheet (What is Style Sheet?, Why Style Sheet, Declaration of Style Sheet, Apply Style Sheet, Style Attributes, CSS 3)

Module 5: JavaScript (Introduction JavaScript declaration, Syntax and Comments, Variables,Operators,Control structure, Functions in JavaScript, Events)

Module 6: JQuery (Introduction, Features of JQuery, Syntax, Steps to use jquery, Functions, Action/Event, Selectors )

Module 7: Ajax (What is Ajax?, Synchronous and asynchronous, $.ajax, $.post, $.get )

Module 8: PHP Page (PHP Page, Comments, Syntax, Php Page and HTML page )

Module 9: Variable in PHP (What is Variable?, What is Value?, What is Data type?, Predefine variables,$_GET , $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_FILES, $_SERVER, $GLOBALS, global, $_ENV)

Module 10: State Management (What is state management?, Types of State Management, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION)

Module 11: Control Structure (What is control structure?, if-else,switch-case,while,do-while,for,foreach,break,continue,return,exit,die)

Module 12: Operators (Arithematic Operators, Comparision Operators,Logical Operators
Assignment Operators)

Module 13: Functions(What is Function?, Nested Function, Function arguments, Returning values)

Module 14: String Function(Creating and accessing String, Searching & Replacing String,Formatting String, Related Library function)

Module 15: Date Time with Functions (PHP Date() Function, Get a simple date,Get your time zone )

Module 16: Array with Functions (What is Array?, Numeric Array, Associative Array, PHP array functions)

Module 17: Database [Mysql](Introduction to database?, What is information and data?, How to maintain database,DBMS, SQL, PHP My Admin, Security database )

Module 18: SQL (DDL, DML, DQL, JOIN, Question and Answer)

Module 19: PHP MySql (Connection with MySQL, Command, Execute, Fetch, Insert, delete, and update records, PHP MySQL functions )

Module 20: Exception Handling (Introduction, Types of Exceptions, Diff. between Exception & Error)

Module 21: PROJECT

Course Duration & Fee

Project duration : 2 months
Course fee : Please call our office (06742567100)


Once you complete the course successfully, Dishaa Pro shall issue a certificate of completion as “Dishaa Pro certified professional”.

In order to maintain our quality and reputation, we issue certificate of completion on stringent parameters. It is important that you meet these parameters and standards of performance.

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