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C Programming Language Training: A Technical Overview

C is a popular, high level, general purpose language that was actually developed to build the UNIX operating system. Despite being one of the oldest languages, it is still widely used to create system and application software because of its powerful control and efficiency. Since everything from operating system to microcontrollers are written using this flexible language, Joining a C language training institute in Bhubaneswar helps to have a clear insight on a wide range of programming paradigms.

Benefits of C language training:

C tutorial for the beginners helps the candidates to have a clear understanding of the basic principles of programming. Since the language is recognized all over the globe, programmers should be aware of it. Other benefits include:

• Become a better programmer as C is the lingua franca of programming
• Complete code explanation and its implementation
• Helps in understanding any higher level language
• Good hand on experience from industry experts
• Develop own programs after understanding the basics
• Certificate issued after successful completion of training
• Opening to better job opportunities


Course Overview

1.Basic of C : (Introduction, The C Language, The C Programming Structure, Compiling and Running a Program)

2. Variables and Data Types: (Introduction, Variables, Constants, Identifier, Keywords, Data Types)

3. Operators and Expressions: (Introduction, Expressions, Arithmetic Operators and Expressions, Relational Operators and Expressions, Logical Operators and Expressions, Mixed Mode Expressions and Type Conversions, Precedence of Operators)

4. Condition: (Introduction, Conditional statement, Selection Statements, The ‘if’ Statements, The ‘if…else’ Statement, Multiple Choice- ‘else…if’ Statements Nested if)

5. Loop : (Introduction, The loop structure, The ‘for’ Loop, The ‘while’ Loop, The ‘do…while’ Loop, Jump Statements, The ‘return’ Statement, The ‘goto’ Statement, The ‘break’ Statement, The ‘continue’ Statement The ‘exit()’ function )

6. Arrays: (Introduction, Array Elements and Indices, Array handling in C, Two Dimensional Arrays)

7. Pointers : (Introduction, What is a Pointer, Why are Pointers used, Pointer Variables, The Pointer Operators, Pointers and Single Dimensional Arrays, Allocating Memory)

8. Functions : (Introduction, The use of Functions, The function structure, Arguments of a Functions, Returning From the Function, The type of a Function, Invoking a Function, Calling the Function, Call by Value, Call by Reference )

9. Strings : (Introduction, String variables and constants, String Functions, The ‘strcat()’ Function, The ‘strcmp()’ Function, The ‘strchr()’ Function, The ‘strcpy()’ Function, The ‘strlen()’ Function, Passing Arrays to Functions, Passing Strings to Functions)

10. Structure and File: (Introduction, Defining a Structure,Declaring Structure Variables, Initializing Structures, Passing Structures as Arguments, Basic File Functions, File Pointer, Current Active Pointer,‘fprintf()’ and ‘fscanf()’)

Course Duration & Fee

Project duration : 20 days
Course fee : Please call our office


Once you complete the course successfully, Dishaa Pro shall issue a certificate of completion as “Dishaa Pro certified professional”.

In order to maintain our quality and reputation, we issue certificate of completion on stringent parameters. It is important that you meet these parameters and standards of performance.

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