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3D Basic Animation Course
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3D Basic Animation Course

Take a First Step Towards Your Animation Career

Dealing with moving digital images and special effect have become a part of modern entertainment, website development, video games and etc. Animations have gained huge popularity these days because they have become an attractive means to draw the attention of the visitors.

Maya is considered to be one of the most popular animation software in the industry. Our basic animation course is an absolute beginner’s entry point that will help students learn the foundations of smooth animation. Our step by step approach will help to gather skills and principles of animation and start the journey by using a combination of theory and practical and hands on experience using the design principles.

Maya Animation Course

Animation Syllabus:

  • Maya: Animation
    • Start with Layout
    • Animation Basics
    • Body Mechanics
    • Introduction to Acting
    • Introduction to Advanced Acting
  • Maya: Rigging
    • Rigging Fundamentals
Use of Animation in Different Industries

Initially, when animation was started, most people had a perception that it was limited to drawings and cartoons. But as the industry matured, the perception changed to cartoonish productions for the web games, flashy and photo realistic usage of explanations in a convincing and realistic manner. Today, animation is used in various industries that opens up great opportunities for animators in:

  • Medical animation
  • Media and entertainment
  • Education and learning
  • Big screens or consoles
  • Architectural amination
  • Mechanical animation
  • Forensic animation
Why choose animation as a career?
  • Huge demand for animators across various sectors
  • Global job opportunities
  • Growth in the Indian animation industry is about 75 billion revenue
  • New Digital Sector of AR/VR/ set to grow at 35% CAGR
  • Highly paid jobs for creative professionals
100 % Placement Assistance

Modes of Training
  • Class Room Training
  • Weekend Experts Training
  • Online Training
  • Video Tutorials
A Basic Animation Course in Maya Will Help You To

Start Animating
With easy to follow steps and walk-through of the interface, you can easily start animating from the very first day.

Technical Competence
Gather essential information and technical skills to prepare yourself for entry level employment in the digital animation industry.

Develop Unique Style
You can start small and then develop your skills and style to create really cool animations.
Who Is Our Target?
  • Absolute beginners looking for an entry into the animation world
  • Professionals looking for a foundation course to serve their jobs better
  • Business owners willing to implement animation in marketing strategies
Who Can Join Course?
  • Students/ Individuals/ Beginners
  • Web Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Freelancers

Course Duration & Fee

Project duration :                7Months /28 weeks/336 hours

Software :                             AutoDesk Maya + Photoshop

Course fee :                          Call us at 9040033117/8 OR Contact Us

Payment Terms:                  2 Installments

Payment Mode :                  Cash / Check / Online Transfer

Tutor :                                     Faculty From Dream Creation Studio

Location :                               JSS STPI Building, Patia

Our Training Center

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Bhubaneswar – 751024


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