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C++ Language Training: A Technical Overview

C++ is a powerful object oriented programming language that is developed as an extension of the C language. It is used to build high performance applications that include operating systems and their sub systems, animation and games. Since it is possible to code C++ in C style or object oriented style, it is an effective example of a hybrid language. C++ language training institutes help the candidates understand the syntax, semantics of the language and discuss the principles and its implementation in various projects.

Benefits of C++ Language Training:

A C++ certification is useful for all IT professionals and those who are willing to learn more about the most widely used programming languages. Besides boosting the programming skills and gaining recognition for your expertise in the IT marketplace, the training also helps to:

• Learn the object oriented programming concept
• Handle exception and function overloading
• Create a wide range of applications from GUI apps to 3D graphics
• Grab lucrative job opportunities after gaining a certification


Course Overview

1.Basic of C++ : (Introduction, C++ Character Set, Identifiers, Keywords, Data Types and Variables in C++, C++ Operators, Mixed Mode Expressions and Implicit Type Conversion, Type Casting)

2.Flow Control Statements: (Introduction, Decision Constructs, Simple Selection (if), Two-way Selection (if-else, if-else-if), Nested ‘if’ Statement, switch Statements, while and do-while Loops, The while Loop, The do…while Loop, Iteration Using ‘for’ Loop, The ‘break’ and ‘continue’ Statements)

3.Functions , Pointers and Arrays: (Introduction, Benefits of using Functions, Structure of a Function, Arguments, Return from a Function, Definition of a Pointer, Understanding lvalues and rvalues, Fundamentals of Pointers, Call by Value and Call by Reference, Introduction to Arrays, What is an Array?,Initialization of an Array, Multidimensional Arrays, Pointers and Arrays)

4.Function Overloading: (Introduction, Functions with default Arguments, Friend Functions, Function Overloading, Operator Overloading, Constructors)

5.Inheritance: (Introduction, Single Inheritance, Base class and Derived class, Accessing Base class Members, Constructors and destructors under Inheritance)

6.Multiple Inheritance and Polymorphism: (Multiple Inheritance, Constructors under Multiple Inheritance, Ambiguity in Multiple Inheritance, Pointers to Derived classes,Virtual Functions, Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding, Pure Virtual Functions, Abstract Classes)

7.Data Structures using C++: (What is a Data Structure, Stacks, Operations on a Stack, Implementing Stacks Using Arrays, Defining a class for Stack,Linked Lists, Operations on a Linked List, Defining a class for Linked List, Implementing the Linked List methods, Queues, Operations on a Queue, Implementing a Queue)

Course Duration & Fee

Project duration : 20 days
Course fee : Please call our office


Once you complete the course successfully, Dishaa Pro shall issue a certificate of completion as “Dishaa Pro certified professional”.

In order to maintain our quality and reputation, we issue certificate of completion on stringent parameters. It is important that you meet these parameters and standards of performance.

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