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Why Digital Marketing Is the Next Big Thing for You?

With internet usage gaining much popularity nowadays and becoming one of the most preferred modes for online businesses, every organization, irrespective of its size is adopting an effective digital marketing strategy to remain competitive.

Ten years back, it was a choice to choose online marketing as your promotional media, but today it is an absolute must to survive in the marketplace. With more than 85% searches purchasing online, going digital is the only means to break geographical barriers and target much larger audience.

Understanding the Digital Landscape:

Serving the digital industry for more than a decade, we believe that every company is willing to promote their brands via digital marketing while establishing its reputation far beyond.  It is an umbrella term for marketing of services or products using varied digital technologies that include mobile devices, display advertising and many other digital forms.

Today, businesses leverage varied channels like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Google Analytics techniques to keep their visitors engaged and remain connected. Digital Marketing is an ever growing source of social interaction, news, entertainment where the audiences are not only exposed to what your company says about your brand, but also what the media, relatives, friends and peers say about you.

How Digital Marketing helps business owners?

With the big changes and evolution of emerging technologies, small and medium businesses are striving hard to keep up.

  1. Adopting digital marketing has helped them to compete and attract targeted traffic and perform sales and marketing activities that were earlier available only to large corporations.
  2. Branded content is much more effective than publishing anything in newspapers or magazines. Direct mails, press releases or personalized content help to maintain a dominant online presence, which is important for success.
  3. It is easy to track potential customer’s actions, preferences, decisions with analytics from digital marketing, and you have a true insight of your audience.
  4. Maintaining a dominant online presence that is optimized for tablets and smartphone helps to increase sales and revenues.

Why digital marketing will offer a bright future career to the students?

  • In demand professional: A report generated by Google in the year 2016 has stated that India will exceed 500M internet users of which 80% will be mobile users. This will create a huge need for digital marketing professionals in the country.
  • Huge job prospects: There would be huge recruitments for digital jobs by 2020 and it’s time to gear up for a career where demand exceeds the supply. This will of course increase your job security and at the same time enhance your career progression in digital marketing.
  • Future ecommerce marketing: ASSOCHAM-Forrester revealed that India will enjoy a growth of 51% in the ecommerce revenue, which will be the highest in the world. This will open up job opportunities for online marketing professionals.
  • Industry demands for skilled professionals: A report generated by GroupM has revealed that in India, digital advertisement will grow to over 7300 crores, which will be around 12.7 % higher than 9.9 in 2015. Demand for skilled digital professionals will rise and it’s time to take advantage.
  • Attractive pay package: Based on the demands and skills, the digital marketing pay package would be a lucrative one, which would be much higher than many other sectors.

Digital marketing demand in delhi/ncr

Joining the best digital marketing training institute will open up great career opportunities and contribute to having a stable and lucrative job.

If you are interested in this rewarding career, then we at DishaaPro can surely help. We are a leading Digital Marketing training institute operating in Delhi/NCR and Bhubaneshwar. All our courses will help you to gain expertise in technique and strategy that various business organizations demand.

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