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7C Program
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For an amazing career in life, honing your varied skills that are both technical and non-technical is important. To prepare yourself for some lucrative career, you may need to attend specialized classes to strengthen your skills and abilities. We at DishaaPro have come up with our 7C program that is centered on developing 7 competencies that play a vital role in positive career development.

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Why should you receive this training?

1. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of students
2. Enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals needed for career development
3. Educational support and guidance for effective career growth
4. Improved preparation and better articulation
5. Higher rate of confidence among students to face interviews and challenges

What is 7C Program?

1.Career- 7C includes the entire sequence of activities and events related to students careers.

2.Creativity- 7C highlights the importance of creativity, imagination, positive thinking and courage.

3.Confidence- 7C provides an attitude which allows students to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations.

4.Charismatic- 7C helps to higher student’s level of charisma so that they should be noticed, listened, respected and followed by others.

5.Competition- 7C examine the development of students- oral, written & behavioral lacking through different competitive strivings.

6.Counseling- 7C includes the service offered to the student who is experiencing problems in physical & mental and needs professional help to overcome them.

7.Communication- 7C helps student to transmit and exchange their ideas, facts, feelings or courses of action for personal or professional purposes.

Course Overview

Success in professional and personal life is determined by one’s ability to communicate effectively with others.  DishaaPro 7C program covers Personal Grooming, Attitudinal and overall Personality Development etc.

1. Confidence Building
2. Interpersonal Skills
3. Grooming & Etiquette
4. Body Language
5. Team Building Skills
6. Leadership Skills
7. Presentation Skill
8. Communication Skill
9. Group Discussion
10. Personal Interview
11. Corporate Grooming

Course Duration & Fee

• Course duration: 50 hours.
• Course fee : Please call our office

Training Methodology

Training methods include interactive group discussions, exchange of ideas, case studies and wide variety of learning tools, i.e. videos, films, demos & management games.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment will be based on the attendance, group involvement and class exercises. Upon successful completion of the 7C  Program candidates will be awarded certificates.

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