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There are various projects that are being funded under the various government projects. With the need to shrink the world closer and meet the demand of roads for the increasing number of vehicles swarming the in the cities, building bridges poses as a very promising career opportunity. The building of bridges is a complex task that encompasses scale, and application demand specialized geotechnical technologies coupled with bridge design and analysis.

The task does not end at just designing the structure, but an engineer also needs to ensure the sturdiness of the structure. Hence it is essential to run a construction simulation to determine resiliency during seismic and natural events and analyse rolling stock.

DishaaPro is one of those few institutes of Bhubaneswar that provides ensures covering up of every micro and macro detail to bridge the gap between you and “your opportunity” for you to become yet another successful bridge designer, with the aid of city’s best faculty members having years of experience in this field. We are into this field from last 10 years and have received


Performing integrated loading and analysis of the bridge is essential before designing one. Structural Bridge design software enables it, as well as code checking of small- to medium-span bridges and provide accurate and verifiable data throughout the lifecycle of the project duration.

DishaaPro will provide you with all the solutions to the intricate detailing of the bridge designing with the aid of the Bridge Design training program. The training program at DishaaPro does not only provide you with the theories of structures, but ensures working knowledge of the software to design and build the bridge. Also, delivering the design reports within the specified time is an important factor. Appreciated for the panel of most erudite faculties DishaaPro ensures the best within specific period.

Course Overview

1. Design of different type of bridges: with consideration of materials, shapes and types.
2. Design of different type of bridges: with consideration of cast-in-situ, pre-tensioning, post-tensioning etc.
3. Design of foundation, substructure, superstructure etc.
4. Design of abutments, piers, girders etc.
5. Design of abutments, abutment caps, wing walls, return walls, dirt walls, pier caps, pedestal, and bearings splayed wing wall etc.

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