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StaadPro is one of the most widely used structural analysis and design software, which supports several steel, concrete and timber design codes for analysing and designing a wide array of structures. It helps in model development, verification, and review of results, also including advanced dynamic analysis and push over analysis for wind load and earthquake load.

Originally developed by Research Engineers International in Yorba Linda, CA but later sold to Bentley Systems in late 2005, this software was specifically created for defining the structure for analysis using various templates for 2D & 3D structures like Space structures, Plane structures, Floor structures and Truss structures.

DishaaPro is one of the leading training institutes in Bhubaneswar which specialize in brushing of your designing skills, exploring your talent by the immensely talented and highly experienced professional trainers in the area, to polish out the rough edges and bringing out the real designer within you.

Why to learn the software in DishaaPro?

It is only fair to have queries as to why to spend before spending money and valuable time for something here! So, here are the reasons for you to figure the answer out for yourself.
1. Wise use of time- The software aids on time and on budget completion of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and cold-formed steel projects, regardless of complexity. The experienced and professional faculties guide you towards the correct path as to how to just not learn it, but learn it in a time efficient manner so that you can keep pace with the requirement of the organisations.

2. Value your money- The professional guides prepare the blueprint of your future as a designer for building any type of structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, and piles in cost effective way, ensuring that you are prepared to provide economical and accurate designs to the clients. Because DishaaPro understands the value of every moment and every penny that is devoted by you.

3. Save extra effort- Tutors teach you to use over 80 international codes to design structures, anywhere.

What to look forward to in the training program?

The highly experienced and talented faculties of the DishaaPro team will be your guide to gear you up with all the essentials towards your goal. These are the course modules of the program:
1. Design of Plane frame,
2. Area Load Generation,
3. Design of Portal Frame,
4. Concrete Design Of Plane And Space Frame,
5. Pre-Stress And Post-Stress Members,
6. Finite Modeling Of All Type Of Shape,
7. Response Spectrum Analysis,
8. Wind, Floor And Earthquake Load Generation,
9. Stress Calculation For Plate Elements, Modeling Of Rigid Diaphragm,
10. Analysis Of Compression And Tension Members,
11. Design Of Different Type Of Buildings, Bridges, Airport, Railways, Metros, Roads, Water Related Body And Other Structural Bodies Etc.,
12. Design Of Vertical, Horizontal And Inclined Structures

What will you be able to deliver post training?

On reaching successful completion of the training program you can expect to become a pro in:

1. Creation of Model
2. Verification of model
3. Dynamic/Seismic Analysis
4. Static Analysis

So, get started! Learn, create, optimize and modify 3-D designs of building and take a sneak peak on the final look of YOUR structure.

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